Writing a thesis

Perhaps I am not the most likely person to start a page on how to write a thesis. I am not a native speaker and I am not an expert in English grammar or spelling. However, as an academic, I regularly submit papers written in English to academic journals. I also supervise lots of theses for our Bachelor and Master’s programs. Despite being not an expert, I write a lot and also provide a lot of feedback.

One of the difficult things about writing is that nobody really wants to spend a lot of time beforehand on learning the art of writing. So the way to do it is just by getting started, writing your first text, getting feedback and improve the text and try to learn from your mistakes. The purpose of this website is to facilitate this process. By doing so, I assume that most writers know about grammar and spelling.

On this website, I have create several blog entries about writing a thesis. The blogs are about issues that I repeatedly discusses with student when giving feedback. The blog entries are structures as follows:I will do this in the following way:

  1. Explain the important principles in writing:
  2. Explain specific elements of a thesis:
  3. Feedback and annotations