Feedback and annotations

I will give my feedback by annotating the (draft) thesis by using a set of symbols (abbreviations) that I list below. Please us line distance 1.5 to facilitate me in providing feedback. The symbols will be encircled in the thesis. I will provide a brief explanation of each symbol and abbreviation. If available, I will also link the specific annotation to the blog entry with a detailed elaboration.


OVERSTRUCTYou have to many text elements that deal with structure. In many cases, these element are not necessary. For instance, to write as the first line of a section titled ‘Results’: This section presents the results of this resarch. This is an abundant sentence: what else would you want to present in a section with the title ‘Results’.
OVERLEVELYou have too many sublevels in the section numbering. Structuring a thesis


This symbol indicates that something is wrong with the sentence. There may be an error, an issue with the grammar, or the meaning of the sentence.
PSPassive sentence. Consider an active sentence.
PRESENTConsider present tense


RIReferences InconsistentReferencing
RCOMPLETEReferences Incomplete (some references in the main text may not appear in the reference list and/or some references in the references list are not referred to from the main text.
REFReference missing. I make this comment usually when a reference is needed to support a statement or an argument.
COPYYou copied parts of another work. You may have violated copyrights or plagiarism standards. This can happen when you copy complete parts of a text, figures or tables from another work withour permission of the author (copyright) or reference (plagiarims)

Tables, figures, equations and numbers

DECError against number formatting: US vs EU decimal separatorNumbers
FORMATThere is an error against the principles of formatting and/or presenting numbers.Numbers
INDThis table is not independent readable from the main text.
EQNREquations should be numbered from 1 to n, with the number presented in brackets to the right of the equation.
ITALICMathematical symbols should be presented in italic.
STYLETable or equation is not in line with the (JFE) styleEquations

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